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Hand Craftsmanship

The trace of the hand is evident in every Karu product. We believe in preserving crafts and working with artisans directly. Our intention is to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem where design training, fair compensation and business skills are exchanged for unique products with integrity and soul. 


The skill of hand quilting is an ancient craft traditionally practiced by women. We provide tools to our quilting suppliers wherever necessary, from measuring tapes to threads and needles. We use 100 % cotton batting between the sheets, making our quilts are easier to clean and more durable. 

Handloom Ikat

Ikats are made on looms in South India in small runs of approximately 30 metres each. Every roll has its own unique character, and each artisan leaves their imprint on the design. We use only natural cotton and linen threads for this process. 

Hand Dyeing

Each small batch of fabric is hand dyed in our original washes of indigo, stone, sky, aloe, ochre and storm. Every time, the master dyer mixes a fresh pigment combination by eye. 

Handloom Linens and Cottons

Hand spun fabrics have a richness to them that cannot be replicated by machines. The artisans often innovate directly on the loom, resulting in unique and delicate textures. 

Block Printing

It takes many years to perfect the skills necessary to create these prints, and there are multiple craftsmen involved in the process. The carvers create layered blocks of intricately carved wood for each color represented in our original print design. The color masters mix pigments to perfectly match the samples. Finally, the master printers bring blocks to fabric, creating only 20 meters of printed fabric per day, as it is a complex and challenging craft. 

Handmade Tassels 

All of our plush tassels are handmade by artisans wth natural fibres and then dip dyed. They are attached by hand to cushions and runners.