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Collection One: The Karoo

Dusty swooping floors scoop an empty sky. Dawn brings movement: scuttling of the rhino beetle, croaking of hens. She wraps herself tightly in a muslin quilt and moves into the rising day.

Handwoven linen, buttoned loosely, floats behind her as she explores the farm. Flat landscapes unfold around her. 

By late morning the sun is unforgiving. Brush dissolves at edges in white, midday light. With flushed cheeks, she returns home. Tired limbs find cool, large pillows. A bath awaits, a crisp white kimono for the afternoon. Featherlight cotton curtains closed to guard against the heat. Home. 

Generous verandas hold the evenings. Life spills out into the gathering stars. She’s wrapped herself in lightest cotton, hair tied up with ease. Oil burners surround the large table, covered in heavy linens and calmly clashing ikat weaves. 

Cotton silk pyjamas, some last tasks, and back to the enormous bed. As she disappears into softest quilts and woven throws, the Karoo becomes an ancient stage. Moonlight glows on fossils and blooming cacti. 


Francois Visser
Nina Milner & Andre Geldenhuys
Hair and Makeup
Alice Coloriti
Bloemhof Karoo